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Fiore di Pietro
(Peter's Flower)


"Death is opposite of birth. Death is not opposite of life. What takes birth dies but the life continues."      ~Anonymous~

On June 14, 2012, my brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly and I was once again reminded that each day, each moment, is truly a gift. As my family and I began to deal with the shock and grief of his passing I took to pen and paper and created a Zentangle pattern as a memorial to him. Now that it is complete I am asking the Zentangle community for help. I would like to create a book of Zentangle tiles, Zendalas, and ZIA art pieces using your art that incorporates my pattern Fiore di Pietro and then assemble the work into about 5 books that I will give to the immediate family. (Also, this book is a suprise so please do not post any comments on my blog or personal Facebook page until after I have the project complete. Some of my family members follow my posts in these two places.) I am not asking for your original piece only that may use a copy of it in the book
Laura has kindly agreed to allow my pattern to be used for the UMT Diva Challenge this week which I greatly appreciate.

If you participate in the challenge AND will allow me to include your finished piece in Peter's Memorial book, please, either send me an email giving me permission OR state that I have your permission (to include a copy of your work) in your comment section on your blog or personal page when you post your finished piece and add it to Laura's Diva Challenge.

My email address is: Rho(at)thesecondarrow(dot)net

Thank you! Your work will help to keep Pete’s memory alive and will be a forever reminder of him to those who view the book.

Rho Densmore






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